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Microsoft and Walmart look to boost ads, e-commerce with TikTok deal

As Microsoft and Walmart work together on a deal to buy TikTok’s U.S. business from China’s ByteDance, the giants each see fresh opportunities to expand into long-coveted markets — advertising in Microsoft’s case and e-commerce for Walmart. But both companies have decidedly mixed track records in these realms. By the numbers: Walmart currently makes less than 8% of its total revenue on e-commerce, despite pricey forays into the industry, like its $3.3 billion acquisition of the now-defunct… Source link

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Why buying TikTok is a smart move for Microsoft

The news late last week that Microsoft has been in negotiations to acquire the short-form video app TikTok was a bit surprising. Hearing business-focused Microsoft mentioned in the same sentence with the dancing and lip-syncing wonder that is TikTok didn’t sound quite right—at first. But upon further reflection, a Microsoft-TikTok tie-up begins to make more sense. In fact, a deal—if both companies are able to appease the Trump administration—could be good news for Microsoft. As TikTok… Source link

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