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Podcast: How Russia’s everything company works with the Kremlin

Russia’s biggest technology company enjoys a level of dominance that is unparalleled by any one of its Western counterparts. Think Google mixed with equal parts Amazon, Spotify and Uber and you’re getting close to the sprawling empire that is Yandex—a single, mega-corporation with its hands in everything from search to ecommerce to driverless cars.  But being the crown jewel of Russia’s silicon valley has its drawbacks. The country’s government sees the internet as contested… Source link

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How Google auto-delete works | Fox Business

Google will start paying for some news content after complaints from publishers. FOX Business’ Susan Li with more. Google launched its auto-delete feature, which deletes users’ location history and web browsing activity after three or 18 months, on June 24. The tech giant introduced the feature last year after facing scrutiny from Congress for collecting users’ location data and web browsing activity data. Prior to the auto-delete feature, users could manually delete this data. “We… Source link

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